Kid MBA: Curriculum

Kid MBA is for promising entrepreneurial youth who want real-world career experience and the best of online education all in one.

Participants work 30 to 40 hours a week for dynamic small businesses across the country and complete 10 hours a week of rigorous online material, workshops, projects and assignments. The program runs September through June.

We place participants with small businesses, where they create real value, see what it’s like to run a company, and interact with founders and CEOs. Participants live and work where the business is located and complete the curriculum remotely through an online portal.

The curriculum gathers the best of everything available.

TED talks, Kahn Academy, Coursera, Udacity, iTune University, open courses from top universities… There is no shortage of excellent educational material available to the world. Most young people don’t know how to prioritize, categorize, sift and sort to determine what is of most value.

Module 1 – Economics
• Economic thought
• Market dynamics
• Macroeconomic policy
• Microeconomic policy
• Alternate views on economics

Module 2 – Business
• Business vs. entrepreneurship
• Management vs. leadership
• Advertising
• Marketing
• Sales
• Operations
• Accounting
• Finance
• Legal
• Human resources

Module 3 – Technology and Digital Skills
• Mastering common tools and spreadsheets
• Using popular open-source software
• Creating a website
• Generating a social media presence
• Programming basics
• New frontiers in tech and science

Module 4 – Entrepreneurship and Life Skills
• What is success?
• What is entrepreneurship?
• How to make a business plan
• Startups and venture capital
• Emotional intelligence and life skills

Credit: Praxis

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