Adapt Useful, Reject Useless, Add Own

To succeed you must understand failure points and margins of safety. You must categorize by trade, craft, or art.

A proverb notes to mold bamboo you must act when it is young. When too much time has passed the mind closes.

Similarly a good teacher must know the rules; a good pupil the exceptions. Often products are produced for an average, but it is the extremes that form that mean.

What happens when Bill Gates walks into a bar? Thats right the average person becomes a billionaire.

The objective of success is to efficiency capture the anomaly. Similar doing the right things is as important as doing things right.

Understand the minimal, select for outcome, sequence for effectiveness, and create stakes.

Compress the most important 20%, Frequent the minimal effective dose, and encode the material for rapid recall.

Deconstruct, Select, Sequence, Stake

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