Dream MKE invites you to join us in reimagining the relationship between education, community and commerce in order to unlock the potential of Milwaukee’s underserved communities.

We are a social enterprise comprised of thought leaders, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs focused on increasing the number of successful technical entrepreneurs through progressive initiatives and funding support.

We believe a unified effort to accelerate awareness, access, and examples of entrepreneurship in Milwaukee’s under-resourced communities will fundamentally change the city and ultimately create positive systemic change.

Join us in creating tomorrow.

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Coding Back 2

“In order for things to really change, we need a multi-pronged approach. More [African Americans earning] computer science degrees. More access to mentors, more role models – which means changing the way the technology industry is represented. Once we show different images of what it looks like to be in technology, with people who look like me, or like my cousin, then all of a sudden it becomes relatable to the next generation.”
~Angela Benton

“What minority entrepreneurs often lack is a history dealing with professional entrepreneurship. By that I mean knowing others who have raised money from individuals who invest for a living, as opposed to angel investors who do it for fun after retirement, or friends and family who do it out of love.”

~Stephen Deberry

“African-American candidates are much more likely not to match the pattern,” said Kapor. “To recognize the truth is to accept that the winners at the top did so through a rigged game.”

~Mitch Kapor